An Ode to Poetry Analyzation – Because I loathe it.

To me, analyzing someone’s poem to prove to others how well you get it is equivalent to smooshing a cake and calling it delicately beautiful then selling it to a bride-to-be. I believe poetry is to be enjoyed for what meaning you give the words or how their sound makes you feel. I just made this up. Enjoy. Or analyze. Try me. 🙂

Ode to Banal

Tender swan cuticles braze the badger’s breath,
Slowly the lofty leaves lift up to the sky.
The rain comes.
Droplets droop draped dreams,
The sun hides.
Hot dog, taco, bean curd pie,
Let the baker tell his lie.
In the field lies the toad’s trodden path,
Followed e’er near the pond’s fronds’ edge.