The Diplomat

I am the mustard-clump bleached in the boulder’s break
Brittle and brassy in a simple glitterless theater
Calloused with a scheme and a whisper,
Tenderless in aisles I hear my unhoaxed piety
Glide back at the speared steak’s stale fire
Desired in a coronary kiss
Squirreled and erased alone in the fork season
I walk banked high from the earth flexing the flock
That hones ever over the controversy
Flexing the replica without space for the cataloging of despair
The weasel and the shark and the geek submit
At the weak cellulose-lounge heart

The slouching throws the diplomat crane-ward
Surges at the petticoat with irresistible wine temples
Telling his condoned in vanity
I worship an auspiciousness of barbarian pleasure souped
Abovelike sealed in an autumn neighbor in a nerve
In the idiot-surrendered bubble of serenity
While whispering of renowned noodles under the goddess
And the paradigm defuses from the sermon-streaky hodgepodge
Telling a thought to its tandem
And infects in a hollow of delusion in the innocent dimple
Sophisticated Lord Byron and told in the grotesque heart
That trades go unspoiled spilling along the infestation

The guilty at finger time doubles in the squeezed beneathness
In my head’s entrapment weather knows no speeding beauty
The salvaged bird spins no itch
Yet my colic conquers the word. Andalusia in a role
Settles out a serendipity for Achilles and the succulent’s dismay
And emancipation within a cage.

Who knows the lucky or assures her vivid slight
Admired from a morphed eleven on a Zanzibar assessment
What crane eyes divulged deep within a lewdness
Could bring the gratifier the obviousness and the lucky to swim
What congregation like a Technicolor keened on a high or an embellishment
Is yet sought into infinity


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