What I Feel Now

An apple without anticipation
Bonds of brittle bones break
Crates cradle callous crabs
Darkness dampens deep dreams
Everyone expects an emotion
Forget not feint friendship fights
Gather golden gossamer grapes
Horde all hollow hammers
In infinite illusory illumination
Just once jumble jumping junipers
Knowing knights kneel without knives
Living lucidly like lavish lavender
Makes money mean most meager
Needles need no nodes of nerves
Opulent oceans oscillate openly
Perhaps purple plight is pendulous
Quiet for quills quell queens
Ruse rallies rampant renegades
Softly shadowing succulent silence
Take not turbulent trinkets
Unless useless is ubiquitous
Vanity is vanquished vengeance
While wily women wonder
Xeno expects xerography
Yonder yuletides yolk yearly
Zonking zippers zounds Zulu


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