To Be Weary? Or To Be Worried?

I won’t talk about what color the sky was or what sort of precipitation was spewing. I won’t mention the state of my hair or my clothes or the speed at which I stumbled and fumbled my house keys down into the street drain. I’ll leave out the details regarding how far I had to walk and how long I waited for a car that never came. No need to lose another minute explaining how I ended up without my medicine or cell phone or coat. I’m too exhausted to divulge any more than I need to, at this point, because he’s back again and watching me from across the street.

I started this free write with a title. I chose two words that had a similar feeling (at least for me) and in the form of “To be, or not to be”. The two words I chose, weary and worry, are what prompted the above short story. It could be the beginning of an amazing long story.

I give you this prompt to try, start with the title as your focus. Chose your words wisely, give it thought and then start writing and stop when you get to the cliff hanger. (It’s fine to keep going if it’s taking you somewhere you’ve been waiting to explore, just make sure you identify your cliff hanger, and at least keep going until you get to that sweet page-turning spot.)

At a loss for words? I picked mine because I liked how they sounded. Here are a few to try:

To Be Sullen? Or To Be Saddened?

To Be Daring? Or To Be Dangerous?

To Be Vengeant? Or To Be Vindicating?

Just a few thoughts. The words are really to set the mood, it’s up to you which one you go after, and once you begin it’ll be up to where the story wants to take you! 🙂 Please feel free to share, I’d love to see what you come up with.

** I’m still new to WordPress, so I’m not sure if you can tag people to stay in touch. You can leave a link to your story if you choose to post it in the comments on this post. If there’s a better way, I’d love to hear it! Thanks!! **


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