Free Write – Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

It’s a random day on a random street in the random chaos that is the bustling village. There is a more dedicated squish who can take my crackling heart. I won’t underestimate their power anymore, so where were we?

Ah, yes, back from the whispered magic, I let the wise be-speckled man talk to me of my fate. No patience exists when there’s money to be paid for the transaction. Advice is rented. I am not impressed and I am not to be bargained with for property. As long as my heart still beats, it matters not if you’ve put it in a glass box on display or a private case with lock and key.

I dare not to say that my abilities are more powerful, but I doubt that you can be so careful. A purple vortex spitting insults always comes with a price, so shut your mouth is not just a figure of speech.

I sit in the well-lit shadows and watch the shopkeeper sell his wares to patrons who expect a bargain. They pay for the pleasure of buying and receive the highest hopes for their purchase in return. Always, you are asked if you have found what you were looking for. Did we lose something that needed finding? What are we looking for, exactly?

I enter a store and can hear the electricity humming from too many lights, it’s too bright and I can see all too well. Perhaps if there were some darkly lit areas that required me to do a little more searching, I would answer more honestly when asked if I had found what I was looking for. Most of the time, what with all of the signs and lights and well organized labeled sections, I hardly have to look at all.


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