Yeah! Setting Prompts – Get to Writing!

  1. Standing in the middle of a darkened living room, feeling cold sticky blood from the puddle beneath seep through my socks.
  2. It’s the middle of winter, I’m six years old in, playing in the parking lot of an apartment complex that is full of cars lined with icicles and covered with snow.
  3. My queen-sized bed, the mattress wrapped in safari print sheets and smothered with sounds of two lovers.
  4. Behind the wheel of my black sports car as I’m driving the speed limit and taking a drag of my Parliament Light.
  5. My light brown eyes grow wide and a yellow ring forms around my pupil as it reflects the afternoon sun and the object of my affection.
  6. Sitting in my mother’s flower-covered bed and staring at the wall adorned with eight pictures of the various stages of me growing up.
  7. Passing through the beer aisle in the grocery store and noticing the beer that father used to drink.
  8. Sitting in front of the 1963 television set with an A-TRAC player flanked by thirty year old speakers in my basement, poorly painted a dull white.

Take these prompts and make them your own. Own them, expand on them or start fresh with them being your “triggering subject”. Free write now, edit later, see where they take you. Choose your favorite, or choose them all!

As always, I welcome you to share a link to your post should you choose to publicize, or share a fragment if you’d like.


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