Kung-Fu Is Speed

Something about poly-perspectives,

Ancient syntax and poetry practice,

The box drum boldly boasts beats.

What like is this?

Plentiful full plentiness.

There’s no word for sin in Chinese.

Some things are too thingish

to distinguish,

lust for wealth means power is anguish.

Rainbows are trapped attracted light,

visual harmonies transforming darkness.

Carry the bucket to the river,

fill it, and

carry the bucket full of water.

Lounge in your throne,

ponder a new solution,

start a revolution.

What you do, no matter what you do,

is of purposeful importance.

The revolution is the solution

to spin the wheels of a spiritual evolution.


Expand spatial spiritual freedom.

Demand racial, cultural, and class acceptance.


Finding yourself in all things,

transcending fear, and

defending truth.

Where are my pewter objects?!

Too many have died for far more precious things,

precarious Jade is grandmother’s forte.



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