I’m A Lyrical Gangster – On Religion, Or So You’re Told

A Man and a Woman create a Life,
raising an infant with Faith to appease Strife.

With air to breathe,
the child has the breath to believe-
in the higher power that is Love,
we look to the sky above.

Stories passed from old to young,
behold the power of the human tongue:

Bountiful Gaia provides all we need,
from shelter to food in the mouths we feed.

Gratitude turns to Servitude,
make way for Greed,
up goes the value for the earthly seed.

Tools make weapons when there isn’t enough,
Death manifested sure makes Life tough.

A human falls, alive no more
Hope for revival turns into Heavenly Lore.

“Make Peace, not War,” some have said,
but nobody’s returned after they’ve been dead.

Death brings about Fear of Death and dying,
emotions collide,
there is Pain in crying.

Belief emerges in that which there’s no denying,
and Light is shown upon the face of Truth.

Truth be told, Truth be written,
Fear is the bug by which all are bitten.

Manifest Death, manifest Fear,
Hope and Faith make Angels appear.

You can be saved, if you believe
Life is worth living when you know how to leave
all of your Pain and suffering behind-
just be grateful, peaceful, loving and kind
after Death there is a better place-
full of Love, Acceptance and Grace.

And for those that folly from Truth,
Betrayal of the masses robs one’s Youth-
for you’ve been warned of a place called Hell,
where you go after a life lived unwell…

or so you’re told

It is Fear that strikes the mighty blow
into hearts uncertain of where they’ll go.


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