Dry Brandy

I press my lips together hard, whet them with my teeth a bit, quick lick then back to pressing. Picking out a glass is no easy task and today is a special day.

I’ve had my fill of noodles and oodles of painted poodles and cats carrying out catastrophe’s greatest distraction – hyper-real high-definition – pretty soon we’ll be so hyper-high we’ll just float away and keep floating until our heads explode from the pressure in the upper layer of the atmosphere.

I’ve never been to the ionosphere, but I hear they have rainbow octopuses and mossy tartars.

Celebrating hasn’t always been a very natural event for me. I’m also the awkward one who spends the meet ‘n greet part of the party pondering whether or not awkward is spelled right because it looks wrong, or awkward.

Awkward looks awkward, what do you call words that look like they mean?

My throat is drink, another sip please!


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