What I saw today on social media,
really shook me to the core,
it’s a sob story, a God story,
and it made me hit the floor.

You see, a man found another man
digging through trash,
and he offered to feed him
with the help of God.

So the man with the money
took the man with none,
bought him McDonald’s
and then he was done.

Before departing, the man with enough learned
that the homeless one was dying
of a growth in his side,
and then began crying;

Oh, God, thank you Jesus,
today we both pray,
that you take this man with you
by the end of the day.

So the wealthy man rose and quickly ran home,
so he could tell all of his friends of all of his wealth,
and warn that we should all be more thankful
and blessed for the things that we have.

But what of that man, the man who had none,
did God take him to the hospital,
lay with him or hold his hand as he died,
out in the street, with none by his side?


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