My Wonderment Verse

When in the past you look for treasures, you will not find more than honeyed pleasures.

If in the future you seek great gifts, you will only end up with empty rifts.

As you are now, this sacred space, consider luck as time and place.

No greater man has ever lived who didn’t sleep or never dreamed; close your eyes and don’t be afraid, all you are is all you’ve made.

And if you believe in what could be, not what should but wonder if would, then sleep for you and dream for me.



Sort it out, they say.

You’ll find your own way.

I say it’s not, you say it is;

I do this and go here,

You do that and go there.

At some point, we are bound to meet.

That Feeling is Unlike

That feeling inside like a poison

Spreads like a wildfire;

Festers in the place of most pain.

That feeling inside like an arrow

Swiftly pierces the healing;

Destroys by way of open wounds.

That feeling inside like a hammer

Shocks like an electric storm;

Pummels the soul to dark.

That feeling inside unlike love

Like life relentlessly restless;

Churns in the mind,

Burns in the heart.