Sallow Symptoms

Change appears swiftly upon the face of time, dare I say-

With every breath a new hand offers and another takes away.

This moment was last marred by my own mind, my eyes struggled to focus-

To find the perfect explanation of failed examples.

Sully was the motif of the day and when I tried to look away, all turned sallow-

Behind me, and ahead, the cloud of abandoned hopes lingers.

Like fields of posies isolated between deft ears, aspiration swells-

A hundred meters of ambition waiting patiently to burst.

If I go to the doctor today, he will judge me for yesterday and scold me for tomorrow-

One minute this, one hour that, a day of the month and the year of a lifetime.


Contagious Frisk

You want to stretch out your hand and grasp the softness of meaning, taking away the best part of me.

As soon as there’s the slightest ache of rough reality, your hand recoils, unwillingly to want and hesitant to receive.

Dust builds slowly upon neglected shelves where hands no longer meddle the mettle.

Did you put your dream in a dank box with a lock or a rusty cage without a door?