The Plick

underneath the woodland soil

lies a buried burrow long forgotten

stones and sticks have covered well

leaves and logs guard the lair

where deep in slumber lies the plick

all who trespass with light do so freely

none shall find the hollow hallow

in memory the plick was wide awake

it roamed the earth in search of sin

and when the light cast out the dark

the plick retreated in a coil

back into the earth with all work done

the plick still chews that final sin

the one that last remained off path

and with it went the plick to den

when in the woods bring all your might

and bring with you a source of light

at any moment the plick can lunge

at any body with sin inside

fodder for the plick you shall become

wandering into the woods with darkness



3 thoughts on “The Plick

  1. If you wish to answer, what is a plick? The only things I’m finding for answers have to do with Chinese slang. Or maybe it’s just a word you thought worked. Which automatically makes it fine 🙂


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