Paying for Pop

Woeful is the infantile view of the world sold to the masses as a cure for too many thoughts on the mind disease.

Yoga is another way to get vertigo for life, each pose more useless and harder on the body than the last.

Low carb no carb paleo gluten MSG laced fodder for fads, everybody’s buying the next miracle berry.

Mass media and pop culture have a solution for everything and another one for every side effect.

What are you subscribing to today?


This is Personal

I can’t believe I just blocked my first site in my Reader feed. I was simply trying to checkout the recent #poetry posts and suddenly found myself sifting through 10 consecutive posts from one person. Bang bang bang, one after the other – how do you have TIME to compose a poem so fast, one second apart. They were pictures of quotes – mostly one liners – by famous people. That’s great to share but… it’s not poetry? I mean.. You didn’t write this? Or even create the memes you’re uploading like a mad banshee.

I guess to each their own, but then… THEN, came the “Get more readers in your feed…” with an arrow in the picture to a blurb that had a link to some unfathomable virus-laden void in the darkest recess of the inter web. My head felt heavy, I didn’t like it.

No thank you. Sorry not sorry – and blocked.

I guess I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. My innocence is gone. (j/k)