Thought Question – on tears

If you’ve never felt the rain, would you know when you were crying?

My response is such, that if I surmise the summoning of tears, would they come? Can it be done, not knowing what it feels like, could you do the unimaginable?


Do You Ever…

compose a poem in the moment,

tag it,

read your feed

and read others that seem to be on the same page?



It is almost as though we’re all thinking the same thing, in the same moment – even if you wrote the poem long ago, there’s a reason you pick the one you do to post.

Free Write – Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

It’s a random day on a random street in the random chaos that is the bustling village. There is a more dedicated squish who can take my crackling heart. I won’t underestimate their power anymore, so where were we?

Ah, yes, back from the whispered magic, I let the wise be-speckled man talk to me of my fate. No patience exists when there’s money to be paid for the transaction. Advice is rented. I am not impressed and I am not to be bargained with for property. As long as my heart still beats, it matters not if you’ve put it in a glass box on display or a private case with lock and key.

I dare not to say that my abilities are more powerful, but I doubt that you can be so careful. A purple vortex spitting insults always comes with a price, so shut your mouth is not just a figure of speech.

I sit in the well-lit shadows and watch the shopkeeper sell his wares to patrons who expect a bargain. They pay for the pleasure of buying and receive the highest hopes for their purchase in return. Always, you are asked if you have found what you were looking for. Did we lose something that needed finding? What are we looking for, exactly?

I enter a store and can hear the electricity humming from too many lights, it’s too bright and I can see all too well. Perhaps if there were some darkly lit areas that required me to do a little more searching, I would answer more honestly when asked if I had found what I was looking for. Most of the time, what with all of the signs and lights and well organized labeled sections, I hardly have to look at all.

Yeah! Setting Prompts – Get to Writing!

  1. Standing in the middle of a darkened living room, feeling cold sticky blood from the puddle beneath seep through my socks.
  2. It’s the middle of winter, I’m six years old in, playing in the parking lot of an apartment complex that is full of cars lined with icicles and covered with snow.
  3. My queen-sized bed, the mattress wrapped in safari print sheets and smothered with sounds of two lovers.
  4. Behind the wheel of my black sports car as I’m driving the speed limit and taking a drag of my Parliament Light.
  5. My light brown eyes grow wide and a yellow ring forms around my pupil as it reflects the afternoon sun and the object of my affection.
  6. Sitting in my mother’s flower-covered bed and staring at the wall adorned with eight pictures of the various stages of me growing up.
  7. Passing through the beer aisle in the grocery store and noticing the beer that father used to drink.
  8. Sitting in front of the 1963 television set with an A-TRAC player flanked by thirty year old speakers in my basement, poorly painted a dull white.

Take these prompts and make them your own. Own them, expand on them or start fresh with them being your “triggering subject”. Free write now, edit later, see where they take you. Choose your favorite, or choose them all!

As always, I welcome you to share a link to your post should you choose to publicize, or share a fragment if you’d like.

To Be Weary? Or To Be Worried?

I won’t talk about what color the sky was or what sort of precipitation was spewing. I won’t mention the state of my hair or my clothes or the speed at which I stumbled and fumbled my house keys down into the street drain. I’ll leave out the details regarding how far I had to walk and how long I waited for a car that never came. No need to lose another minute explaining how I ended up without my medicine or cell phone or coat. I’m too exhausted to divulge any more than I need to, at this point, because he’s back again and watching me from across the street.

I started this free write with a title. I chose two words that had a similar feeling (at least for me) and in the form of “To be, or not to be”. The two words I chose, weary and worry, are what prompted the above short story. It could be the beginning of an amazing long story.

I give you this prompt to try, start with the title as your focus. Chose your words wisely, give it thought and then start writing and stop when you get to the cliff hanger. (It’s fine to keep going if it’s taking you somewhere you’ve been waiting to explore, just make sure you identify your cliff hanger, and at least keep going until you get to that sweet page-turning spot.)

At a loss for words? I picked mine because I liked how they sounded. Here are a few to try:

To Be Sullen? Or To Be Saddened?

To Be Daring? Or To Be Dangerous?

To Be Vengeant? Or To Be Vindicating?

Just a few thoughts. The words are really to set the mood, it’s up to you which one you go after, and once you begin it’ll be up to where the story wants to take you! 🙂 Please feel free to share, I’d love to see what you come up with.

** I’m still new to WordPress, so I’m not sure if you can tag people to stay in touch. You can leave a link to your story if you choose to post it in the comments on this post. If there’s a better way, I’d love to hear it! Thanks!! **