Sum Solution

I was ready to steady my gesture, to not impose upon you the note of imposture; I will not posture like a pasture but rather ponder some sun greater, some sum of a whole.

Then I found a hole, in the bottom of the soul, and I realized it was the sole solution to all life’s questions; I found that the whole was the answer.

And so I danced with romance in my heart, then became a part of my best with your best; a complete testament to attest virtue.

For in through and out, this tone of attunement has turned the page.

I lead with the sum solution of the heart.



I’d rather be elsewhere, out of this abyssal dream; for no longer could the woulds of yesterday propel me onward down this path.

To remain asleep would be akin to self-preservation but also equal its death.

I’d rather speak not, as my eyes open; for in this moment I can see more than words could become expressions.

To say that which cannot be described in speech would convolute its very meaning.

I’d rather wonder, rather than know; for knowing would mean no longer imagining.

To cease creative thought would mean to burst the bubble of divine inspiration.

I’d rather be awake rather than not be, would rather see rather than speak and would rather think rather than cease to inspire.

I’m A Lyrical Gangster – On Love

Satisfaction is a reaction
when every faction
of your fraction
has an attraction
to the preservation of perfection.

Indulge in the essence
of commonsense
and you will sense
the presence of
the innocence of
coincidence and incidents-
instead of the negligence
of our presidents, there will
come a time for
incense and competence;
luminous not frivolous,
togetherness not separateness.

Give and cherish
all you receive,
begin to conceive
the love
you believe.