Dust the Sand

Love is a lion

in the dust

and it follows,

flows and floods

like a desert

over my heart,

it’s heavy

and I need

a sandstorm.


Sum Solution

I was ready to steady my gesture, to not impose upon you the note of imposture; I will not posture like a pasture but rather ponder some sun greater, some sum of a whole.

Then I found a hole, in the bottom of the soul, and I realized it was the sole solution to all life’s questions; I found that the whole was the answer.

And so I danced with romance in my heart, then became a part of my best with your best; a complete testament to attest virtue.

For in through and out, this tone of attunement has turned the page.

I lead with the sum solution of the heart.

Calcine My Thought

How is the air we breathe

among broken bulbs

and scattered hopes?

There’s a cure over there, a miracle here,

sudden success and luciferous luck;

on the wall, the ceiling,

the coughing couch,

and the laughing lounger.

Love is contagious,

laughing is infectious,

the hiccups are viral,

and yawning is a phone

call to calcined denizens.