Rough the Dawn

Rough is the dawn,

with pleasures to pawn

for a day.

Like pine needles thick,

just a moment to prick

all your pain away.

Shade is a bird,

a song’s just a word

if you feel it.

Rough is the dawn,

the darkness is gone

today will be lit.


I’m A Lyrical Gangster – On Faith

I bring peace to the
release, of
love between neighbors,
to the exchange of favors
and favorable behaviors.

The dragon and the unicorn
no longer exist,
so cross them off your list,
pump your fist,
try not to get pissed
at what you’ve witnessed.

A sensory is Memory,
an undeniable instinct
that should keep us
from going extinct;
Eve, if you taught the world
to remember,
don’t keep all of your Faith
with the smartest
church member.

I’m A Lyrical Gangster – On Love

Satisfaction is a reaction
when every faction
of your fraction
has an attraction
to the preservation of perfection.

Indulge in the essence
of commonsense
and you will sense
the presence of
the innocence of
coincidence and incidents-
instead of the negligence
of our presidents, there will
come a time for
incense and competence;
luminous not frivolous,
togetherness not separateness.

Give and cherish
all you receive,
begin to conceive
the love
you believe.