Sum Solution

I was ready to steady my gesture, to not impose upon you the note of imposture; I will not posture like a pasture but rather ponder some sun greater, some sum of a whole.

Then I found a hole, in the bottom of the soul, and I realized it was the sole solution to all life’s questions; I found that the whole was the answer.

And so I danced with romance in my heart, then became a part of my best with your best; a complete testament to attest virtue.

For in through and out, this tone of attunement has turned the page.

I lead with the sum solution of the heart.



I’d rather be elsewhere, out of this abyssal dream; for no longer could the woulds of yesterday propel me onward down this path.

To remain asleep would be akin to self-preservation but also equal its death.

I’d rather speak not, as my eyes open; for in this moment I can see more than words could become expressions.

To say that which cannot be described in speech would convolute its very meaning.

I’d rather wonder, rather than know; for knowing would mean no longer imagining.

To cease creative thought would mean to burst the bubble of divine inspiration.

I’d rather be awake rather than not be, would rather see rather than speak and would rather think rather than cease to inspire.


You remember that time runs swiftly, but imagine there be no time and suddenly you’ve got infinity;

Infinity at your fingertips, infinity over your eyes and infinity under your skin.

Now you’re staring into a tangled ball of responsibilities and tasks in your hand, but imagine there is no entanglement and each becomes a jigsaw combining to fit the whole;

The whole of it all becomes complete and marks your achievements, the whole is comprised of many.

You start to feel a rush of momentum, an urgency propels you to fit pieces together into larger pieces to make a complete mass;

The complete mass is you, so you start to see just how the pieces fit.

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

Seek not to wear the Cloak of Knowledge
to which ye hath no ownership.
For when the startled know not how
they’ve had their souls seen,
the questions come in waves
of incredulous doubts.
Do not try to soothe the wicked,
without the notion of what’s good.
A failed attempt at teaching,
that which ye know naught of,
leads to permanent shackles of ignorance.

Be not a mockery to inexact language,
for language itself is a mockery to wisdom.
Remember, when the rabble does babble,
the wise are prone to prattle,
unknowingly turning to addle
thus losing the intellectual battle.

New discoveries should be applied to every
conceivable human industry.
What means most should not be
from the world of material consumptives,
lest the weary work for naught
and die with empty hearts,
beaten bones, crooked hands
and ignorant souls.

Between the stars lies a void
of unfathomable darkness.
There are no manmade creations
written on the face of infinite space
where worlds are born
not from a word
but from a soul.

Kung-Fu Is Speed

Something about poly-perspectives,

Ancient syntax and poetry practice,

The box drum boldly boasts beats.

What like is this?

Plentiful full plentiness.

There’s no word for sin in Chinese.

Some things are too thingish

to distinguish,

lust for wealth means power is anguish.

Rainbows are trapped attracted light,

visual harmonies transforming darkness.

Carry the bucket to the river,

fill it, and

carry the bucket full of water.

Lounge in your throne,

ponder a new solution,

start a revolution.

What you do, no matter what you do,

is of purposeful importance.

The revolution is the solution

to spin the wheels of a spiritual evolution.


Expand spatial spiritual freedom.

Demand racial, cultural, and class acceptance.


Finding yourself in all things,

transcending fear, and

defending truth.

Where are my pewter objects?!

Too many have died for far more precious things,

precarious Jade is grandmother’s forte.